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WM-701C F701C

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Reliability: 6/10 

Highly reliable unit except for presence of electrolytics 

Repairability: 8/10 mechanical

Mostly metal design lends to high repeatability of repairs, there is one small spring to contend with in shell removal. The deck mechanism has some small plastic gears 

Parts availability: 10/10 

Parts are not hard to find, replacement belts, rollers, capstan washers are all readily available new from our partners, heads come up from time to time and with the number of these units sold it’s easy to pick one up for parts.

Tools B+S3

Basic repairs (belts and rollers): small screwdriver set and iphone sim remover; recommend magnetic tweezers for latch spring removal

Temp control soldering station and desoldering skill required for ribbon cable removal or head replacement ; no quick disconnects.

Repair Skills required: 6/10 miniatures, electrolytics, desoldering ribbon from board

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